STRONGMAN (DVD/Digital Release Party)

Zachary Levy’s documentary “Strongman” will finally be available on digital platforms & DVD beginning October 15th. Filmwax invites you to this very special screening at the legendary Theatre80 on St. Marks Place next Wednesday, 10/23, 7PM. Both Stan and Barbara from the film as well as filmmaker Zachary Levy will all be in attendance. Stan’s band, Ajammination, will make their world premiere after the screening! DVDs & Stan-related paraphanalia will be available at the Theatre & Stan can sign it for you! Drinks to follow afterwards at the William Barnacle Tavern attached to Theatre80.

“Strongman” is a cinema verité documentary about Stanless Steel, The Strongest Man in the World at Bending Steel and Metal. Told with the kind of intimacy that can only be achieved with years of filming, “Strongman” follows the dreams and heartbreaking humanity of Stanless Steel—the only man alive who can bend a penny with his fingers—as he struggles to gain control of a world that seems constantly out of his grasp.

You can pre-order the DVD off the official website where in addition to an autographed copy by Stan you will also receive some extra surprises. You may also order through many major retailers, like Amazon. The digital version can be order through iTunes and is available on Amazon Instant and Vudu.

Filmwax screening Zachary Levy’s STRONGMAN


I don’t often champion a film with such vigor but I love me some STRONGMAN! A couple of years ago when I was screening films under the auspices of The Filmwax Film Series, I opened my second season with Zachary Levy’s documentary. Zachary was also the very first guest I ever had on Filmwax Radio! It’s been a couple of years since the film came out and finally the film is receiving a much deserved broad digital distribution on such platforms as iTunes, Amazon, as well as becoming available on DVD.

This Wednesday, October 23rd at 7PM, you’re invited to join in celebrating this great development with friends of STRONGMAN and Filmwax. We’ll start with a screening of the lauded film at Theater 80 on St. Marks Place. The Strongman himself, Stan “Stanless Steel” will be present, as will girlfriend Barbara. Stan’s band, Ajammination will make their world debut playing a live set after the screening. That will be followed by a cocktail hour in theater’s bar where Stan will be signing DVDs (and other Stan-aphenalia) and hanging out. We ask that you either purchase tickets ahead of time or to make a donation at the door (suggested $10). That admission gets you to a nice break if you purchase a DVD.

So, don’t miss this unique opportunity to meet Stan & Barbara, meet the filmmaker, and most of all: to see STRONGMAN on the big screen! Jeanette Catsoulis of the NY Times said, “Zachary Levy’s lump-in-the-throat portrait of an aging muscleman, is an outsider tale of unforced rawness and lilting poignancy.” I think I referred to Stan and his story as “near Shakespearean”. As lofty as that might sound, you have an opportunity to judge for your self. (MORE PRESS)