Experimental Films at Williamsburg’s Spectacle

"Trip Paulista"

“Trip Paulista”

Last weekend Experimental Film Festival Portland (EFFPortland) co-director Hannah Piper Burns presented two showcases at Brooklyn’s Spectacle Theater. Piper is an accomplished filmmaker herself and on Fandor‘s marketing staff. I missed her compilation of female experimentalists from Portland (“PDXX”). It also contained two of her own films, both of which I’ve enjoyed before (and can be seen on her website). The second compilation, “New/Strange Worlds” is drawn from films shown at last year’s EFFPortland festival.

At least four of the shorts are amazing and also available —in whole or in part— online. Brazil’s Marcia Beatriz Granero might love Kenneth Anger as much as I do; I kept thinking of the way Anger used color in his short film “Puce Moment” while I watched her gorgeous “Trip Paulista,” in which a woman dreams, drinks coffee, takes psychotropics and then treats the streets of Sao Paulo as if they were her private beach. Read more