Filmmaker David Garrett will be in attendance for Q&A.

When best friend Anna Hollister dies, Grace Parker confesses to their lifelong affair. The revelation strikes at the core of the friendship of the two families, jeopardizing their bond but also spurring an unexpected journey of self-discovery.

Cast: Ally Sheedy, Josh Hamilton, Jim Gaffigan,Tovah Feldshuh, Sherri Saum, Jennifer Regan, Jean Brassard, Emily Skinner, Simon Jutras

An Evening of Neon Animation

Jack Feldstein is an award-winning scriptwriter and neon animation filmmaker. Originally heralding from Sydney, Australia, Jack’s trademark style is the neonizing of a combination of live action video recording and public domain material, particularly cartoons. Neonizing is a complex computer-based technique that renders the lines of an image like a neon sign. Feldstein describes neon animation as a deconstructionist, post-modern animation filmmaking style that utilizes appropriation and pop art techniques, in a Warhol meets Vegas look.

His rambling seemingly make-it-up-as-you-go-along, stream of consciousness monologue narratives have been likened to Woody Allen and Spalding Gray, but with an Australian twist.

Feldstein was a scriptwriter for many years before, as he puts it, he woke up one morning and began making neon films.


Directors Alex Vlack and Damani Baker to be in attendance for Q&A after the screening.

“Still Bill” is an intimate portrait of soul legend Bill Withers, best known for his classics Ain’t No Sunshine, Lean On Me, Lovely Day, Grandma’s Hands, and Just the Two of Us. With his soulful delivery and warm, heartfelt sincerity, Withers has written the songs that have – and always will – resonate deeply within the fabric of our times.

Filmmakers Damani Baker and Alex Vlack follow Withers and offer a unique and rare look inside the world of this fascinating man. Through concert footage, journeys to his birthplace, interviews with music legends, his family and closest friends, “Still Bill” presents the story of an artist who has written some of the most beloved songs in our time and who truly understands the heart and soul of a man.

77 mins. USA. Documentary.


From a cramped Chinatown apartment shared with three roommates, political outsider and passionate progressive Paul Newell draws a plan to make his first run for public office: to challenge the most powerful politician in New York State, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

Director Justin Sullivan & Paul Newell to be present. Copies of the DVD will be available for purchase.


Director Maria Ibrahimova and producers Raphaela Neihausen & Irina Vodar will all be in attendance for a screening & DVD release party of “Miss Gulag”.

Through the prism of a beauty pageant staged by female inmates of a Siberian prison camp emerges a complex narrative of the lives of the first generation of women to come of age in Post-Soviet Russia.
“Miss Gulag” explores the individual destinies of three women: Yulia, Tatiana, and Natasha, all bound together by long prison sentences and circumstances that have made them the vigilantes of their own destinies.

For these women, undoubtedly, life is harsh under the constant surveillance of UF-91/9, but it is no less so on the outside. Today they, their families, and loved ones are sustained by hope for a better life upon release. This is a story of survival told from both sides of the fence.