Ep 098: Rodrigo Lopresti & Gregory Collins

Jan 16, 2013

Filmmakers Rodrigo Lopresti and Gregory Collins discuss their collaboration on their film, "A Song Still Inside". The film follows Mike (Lopresti), a young, under-employed father struggling with fatherhood and with his wife's success. As Maggie's career flourishes, Mike finds himself spending more and more time at home caring for their 9-month old son. With his professional options dwindling, Mike takes matters into his own hands, endangering both his marriage and his son in the process. As jealousies and resentments build, Mike is forced to confront fundamental questions about the life he thought he would lead. An intimate exploration of evolving gender roles in today's nuclear family, "A Song Still Inside" offers a fresh look at the modern work/family dilemma. This episode was recorded at BBox Radio.

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