Ep 687: Meira Blaustein • Michael Galinsky

Sep 24, 2021

[5 mins. 43 secs.] The Executive Director of the Woodstock Film Festival, Meira Blaustein, is back once again to discuss the 2021 festival which will take place both virtually as well as in-person from September 29th through October 3rd. Screenings, panels and live performances will happen in the towns of Woodstock, Saugerties and Kingston, NY.

[25 mins. 50 secs.] Filmwax Radio turns 10 this week. In order to celebrate I've invited back the podcast's second ever guest, filmmaker Michael Galsinky (first interviewed on September 21, 2011). On this episode we get a chance to look backward and forward as well. Check out Michael's body of work he's created along with his wife & co-director Suki Hawley, and producer David Beilson!

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