Ep 657: The Cast of GROUP

Feb 26, 2021

[5 mins. 13 secs.] This episode is the 2nd of two parts regarding the web series "Group". For Part 1, visit Episode 651.

You don't really know yourself until you look through someone else's eyes. In a room with Dr. Ezra, eight New Yorkers explore hidden truths about their own intimacy, loneliness, sexuality, and fears. Inspired by Irvin Yalom’s novel “The Schopenhauer Cure”, "Group" is a fly-on-the-wall experience of a kind you've never seen before. (Drama series; first season, 7 episodes; second season, 6 episodes). On this episode are actors Ezra Barnes (Frank), Gabriela Kohen (Karina), Teresa Avia Lim (Rebecca), Cara Ronzetti (Tilda), and Dr Elliot Zeisel PhD, LCSW, CGP (Doc/Ezra).

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