Ep 652: Stanley Nelson • Lance Oppenheim

Jan 21, 2021

[4 mins. 28 secs.] Stanley Nelson makes his 4th visit on this episode with this episode. Stanley's latest documentary, "Crack: Cocaine, Corruption & Conspiracy" is Netflix documentary and currently streaming on their platform. In the early 1980s, the crack epidemic tore through America’s inner cities like a tsunami, ravaging all in its wake. Decades later, the destructive effects on people’s lives, families and communities are still deeply felt. The documentary examines not only the personal devastation caused by the drug, but also the shadowy origins of the crisis and the resultant, ongoing marginalization of Black and Brown people trapped by the U.S. prison and healthcare systems.

[41 mins. 14 secs.] The filmmaker Lance Oppenheim visits the podcast with his feature documentary "Some Kind of Heaven". With "Some Kind of Heaven", first-time feature director Oppenheim cracks the manicured facade of The Villages, America’s largest retirement community – a massive, self-contained utopia located in Central Florida. Behind the gates of this palm tree-lined fantasyland, "Some Kind of Heaven" invests in the dreams and desires of a small group of Villages residents – and one interloper – who are unable to find happiness within the community’s pre-packaged paradise. With strikingly composed cinematography, this candy-colored documentary offers a tender and surreal look at the never-ending quest for finding meaning and love in life’s final act. Visit the website to find out how to stream Lance' film.

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