Ep 633: Liz Garbus & Lisa Cortés • Tyler Measom

Sep 04, 2020

[5 mins. 53 secs.] The co-directors of an important new documentary called "All In: The Fight For Democracy", Liz Garbus, returning, and Lisa Cortés are the guests in the first segment. In "All In" the history of voter suppression and the activists who fight for the rights of U.S. citizens. while using Stacey Abrams recent gubernatorial election as emblematic of the crisis. The film will be coming to theaters September 9th and be zvailable on Prime Video September 18th. For details on #ALLINFORVOTING, please visit allinforvoting.com.

[32 mins. 23 sec.] Tyler Measom ("Sons of Perdition", "An Honest Liar") makes his first visit to the podcast with his latest documentary, "I Want My MTV". The documentary charts the rise of a cultural phenomenon that came to define a generation: MTV. What started during the nascent days of cable television as a scrappy, playful music video lineup, rapidly evolved into a reflection of American youth culture. As MTV came of age, the network pushed the boundaries of art, sex, gender and race, while cementing its image to celebrity. And when the information revolution raged, MTV was at the forefront exploring new technologies. Interview subjects include Sting, Pat Benatar, Billy Idol, Annie Lennox, Nancy Wilson, Fab Five Freddy, Norman Lear, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, among many others. "I Want My MTV" premieres on the Biography channel on Tuesday, September 8th at 9PM.

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