Ep 588: Caveh Zahedi

Dec 05, 2019

[9 mins. 9 secs.] I reached out to filmmaker Caveh Zahedi ("In the Bathtub of the World", "I Am A Sex Addict") after reading a recent New York Times Sunday Magazine feature article which focused on his current ordeals. I was frankly concerned for Caveh's well being. The article drew a rather bleak image of where Caveh's current state of mind was at. Also, he has been on the podcast four previous time: Episodes 29, 84, 270, and 339, and I feel a strong affection for the man (you can listen to this Filmwax Radio playlist for of all his appearances). Caveh readily took me up on my invitation and so we recently met at his apartment and recorded this conversation.

Caveh has, along with BRIC Arts & Media, produced two seasons of his notorious series "The Show About The Show" and a third season is on its way. He also teaches at the New School and has a number of other creative projects in various stages of pre-production.

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