Ep 580: Brad Heck (VCFA)

Oct 14, 2019

The Vermont College of Fine Arts Masters in Film program is ideal for filmmakers, screenwriters, and media artists who want to earn an affordable MFA while expanding their bodies of work and maintaining continuity in their professional and personal lives. Their highly self-motivated students have creative vision that defies a cookie-cutter approach. Throughout your two years at VCFA, you’ll actively and dynamically expand your body of work and creative resources, with self-designed projects in screenwriting, documentary film, narrative film, animation, and/or new media. You’ll emerge from the program with powerful new work and a more distinctive artistic voice. Visit vcfa.edu/film for more details

[5 mins. 30 secs.] VCFA alum Brad Heck is the final guest in this series co-presented by Filmwax & VCFA. Brad Heck is a filmmaker, cinematographer, and educator based out of Southern Vermont. Throughout his career, Brad has worked on commercial and independent projects that have been shown on television and in theaters and festivals nationally and internationally. Brad has worked on documentaries spanning in subject matter from PTSD to capitalism. He has been honored by the opportunity to work on projects featuring a diverse selection of visionaries including Barack Obama, Howard Zinn, Tony Blair and Guy Maddin. Brad is currently teaching Film & Video Studies at Marlboro College. Most recently he has co-directed the documentary feature "Arming Sisters" as well as produced "Break the Silence: Reproductive & Sexual Health Stories", both with his partner Willow O'Feral.

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