Ep 575: Richard Kind

Sep 19, 2019

[5 mins. 54 secs.] Coming from the Lighthouse International Film Festival on Long Beach Island, NJ, a conversation with first time podcast guest Gary Springer. Gary is one of the great publicists working today. Thanks to him both Liv Ullmann and Vera Farmiga have been on Filmwax Radio, as well as many others. Gary is the son of the renown publicist John Springer who had such clients as Marilyn Monroe, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, to name a few. What few people may realize is that before Gary stepped in to his Dad's footsteps, he was a working movie actor. Discovered at a very young age —which he talks about on the podcast— Gary was cast as a supporting character in Ivan Passer's 1974 dark comedy "Law and Disorder". After that came a series of memorable roles including parts in both "Dog Day Afternoon" and "Jaws 2". This conversation is the first of two parts.

[1 hr. 3 mins. 34 secs.] The comic actor (and movie lover) Richard Kind makes his first appearance on the podcast. After innumerable comic roles in countless serial and film projects, Kind takes a leap by playing Felix Greytsone in the dramatic science fiction film "Auggie". At his 'early retirement' party, Felix is given a pre-release version of an Auggie, a pair of augmented reality smart glasses that project a perfectly human companion onto his world. When Felix’s wife Anne gets a promotion and his daughter Grace gets serious with her boyfriend, Felix suddenly feels very alone. The film, which is written & directed by Matt Kane and Marc Underhill, is opening theatrically and on demand as of tomorrow, Friday, September 20th.

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