Ep 564: Robert Greene • Larry Fessenden

Jul 11, 2019

[4 mins. 12 secs.] The filmmaker Robert Greene ("Kate Plays Christine", "Actress") returns to the podcast after an extended hiatus. Greene was on Episodes 16, 36 and 206 of the podcast. He's back with a new film called "Bisbee '17" which is going to have its broadcast premiere on Friday, July 15th at 10:00PM Eastern on POV. Check your local listings. "Bisbee '17" is a nonfiction feature film set in Bisbee, Arizona, an eccentric old mining town just miles away from both Tombstone and the Mexican border. Radically combining collaborative documentary, western and musical elements, the film follows several members of the close knit community as they attempt to reckon with their town’s darkest hour.

Then old friend of the podcast, Larry Fessenden, returns to discuss his latest film from Glass Eye Pix, "Depraved" which stars two actor friends of the podcast: David Call & Joshua Leonard. "Depraved" centers on Henry, a field surgeon suffering from PTSD after combat in the Middle East, who creates a man out of body parts in a makeshift lab in Gowanus, Brooklyn. The creature he creates must navigate a strange new world and the rivalry between Henry and his conniving collaborator Polidori. We'll keep in touch with how to see the film.

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