Ep 561: Jason Rosenfield (VCFA)

Jun 24, 2019

[5 mins. 10 secs.] Editor Jason Rosenfield, A.C. E. ("Breaking Point", "Lorena") is a graduate of the Vermont College of Fine Arts Masters in Film program, but where most students coming out that program make their final project a short or a screenplay, Jason's final project was a book he is writing which is part memoir/part journey to —and through— editing. He is one in a seemingly endless stream of graduates who have nothing but the kindest things to say about this program. Please do check out the program and mention Filmwax Radio if you contact the school.

The Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA Film program is ideal for filmmakers, screenwriters, and media artists who want to earn an affordable MFA while expanding their bodies of work and maintaining continuity in their professional and personal lives. Our highly self-motivated students have creative vision that defies a cookie-cutter approach. Throughout your two years at VCFA, you’ll actively and dynamically expand your body of work and creative resources, with self-designed projects in screenwriting, documentary film, narrative film, animation, and/or new media. You’ll emerge from the program with powerful new work and a more distinctive artistic voice. Check out the program's website. If you are interested in the program, don't wait too long as deadlines are encroaching. Past faculty who have appeared on the website include Terence Nance, Til Schauder, Josephine Decker, Michel Negroponte, Laura Colella, Mike Day and Malik Vitthal. Visit the website for more details, contact the school and mention Filmwax Radio.

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