Ep 556: Mark Webber Returns • Danny Clinch & Taryn Gould

May 27, 2019

[5 mins. 45 secs.]In my second episode dedicated to Dispatches from the Tribeca Film Festival, filmmaker & actor Mark Webber ("Flesh and Blood") returns to the podcast for his second visit; he was last on Episode 457. He's joined this time by his producer Dustin Hughes to discuss his fifth feature film, in his ongoing series of works he calls "reality cinema". From the Tribeca website: “Where do we go when we die?” It is this simple, but unanswerable question from a precocious three-year old that kicks off an epic journey as the small lad leads his family on an imaginative adventure through fantastic lands filled with mythic creatures. Told through the eyes of both the father (Mark Webber), battling a terminal illness, and his young son (Bodhi Palmer), The Place Of No Words story moves seamlessly between the world as we know it and a shared fantasy, exploring the laughter and pain, fear and wonder that people experience as they confront and cope with death.

36 mins. 53 secs.] I'm joined by the team behind a new documentary, "All I Can Say" which also premiered at Tribeca. In this segment are three co-directors: Taryn Gould, photographer & filmmaker Danny Clinch, and Colleen Hennessy. "All I Can Say" was also co-directed by the late founder of the band Blind Melon. Over the course of 5 years, from 1990—1995, Shannon Hoon shot his life (and rise to stardom) on a near daily basis. This is film is entirely taken from that footage and told through Hoon's voice. It's a stirring and powerful documentary about one pop star and the period of time when his band rose to the top of the charts. It's a mixture of highs and lows, warts and all.

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