Ep 542: Romola Lucas & Curtis John • Jason Charnick

Mar 11, 2019

[8 mins. 40 secs.] Curtis John & Romola Lucas, the programmers of the Caribbean Film Series: A 5th Anniversary Festival are the guests in the first segment. Caribbean cinema is at a high point critically and artistically, in the ways its filmmakers thrill, entertain, and inform audiences globally. This four-day festival marks the five-year anniversary of the Caribbean Film Series, providing an unparalleled platform to reflect on the Caribbean and its diasporic experiences, in new and unconventional ways. The festival is to take place at BAM March 14th — 17th. For more information visit the Caribbean Film Academy website.

[34 mins. 4 secs.] The director of the new documentary "Getting Over", Jason Charnick is up next. In 1997, filmmaker Charnick's father, a lifelong heroin addict named Ray, recorded 17 hours of interviews with his brother, noted New York City artist Arnie Charnick. The topics covered his entire life, from his childhood growing up in the Bronx, up until a few months before his death. When Jason was finally ready to watch the tapes well over a decade later, what he saw would redefine many of the childhood memories he held so dear. It would also take him on an unexpected emotional journey, not only back home to New York, but into the past as well. There will be a one-off screening of "Getting Over" hosted by Tugg in New York City on Thursday, March 21st at 7PM at the AMC Empire 25 in Times Square. I will be moderating the Q&A with Jason. Tickets are still available.

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