Ep 540: Christopher Munch • Marshall Fine

Feb 28, 2019

[3 mins. 45 secs.] First up, a brief Oscar night wrap-up with a returning Patrick J. Don Vito, nominated editor of "Green Book". Patrick was recently on Episode 537 leading up to the award show. While he didn't win his category, "Green Book" did win Best Picture and we get to hear the details of the big night in great detail. A longer version of this conversation is available on the Filmwax Radio YouTube channel (lots more kibbutzing).

[18 mins. 2 secs.] "The Hours and Times" was released in 1992 where it was met with critical and popular acclaim. In early 1963, right before the onset of full-fledged Beatlemania, John Lennon (Ian Hart) and Beatles manager Brian Epstein (David Angus) take a four-day holiday in Barcelona. Lennon, the working-class street tough, and Epstein, the dapper homosexual, make for unlikely friends, but their relationship blossoms over the vacation. Thanks to Sundance and the UCLA Film & Television Archive, and to Oscilloscope, the film has gotten a 4k restoration and a new distribution. The film will be getting a theatrical at NYC's Quad Cinema beginning Friday, March 1st and will be on VOD for the first time. We speak with the director of "The Hours and Times" for the first time on the podcast, filmmaker Christopher Munch.

[42 mins. 12 secs.] Lastly, author, journalist and filmmaker Marshall Fine makes his first appearance on the podcast to discuss his storied career. Among Fine's books are: Bloody Sam: The Life and Films of Sam Peckinpah (1991), Harvey Keitel: The Art of Darkness (1997), and Accidental Genius: How John Cassavetes Invented the American Independent Film (2005). He has also directed two noted documentaries: "Do You Sleep in the Nude?" about film critic Rex Reed, and "Robert Klein Still Can't Stop His Leg," about comedian Robert Klein. Fine is also the four-time former chairman of the New York Film Critics Circle: 1992, 2002, 2006 and 2015, and was named general manager of the NYFCC in 2016. He is a contributing editor for "Cigar Aficionado" magazine, for which he writes cover stories.

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