Ep 538: Kevin Corrigan

Feb 14, 2019

[8 mins. 20 secs.] This episode of the podcast celebrates a new comedy short film called “The Poet and the Professor” which is directed by this week's guest Ariel Kavoussi (who also stars). Joining us is another actor in the short, a returning Kevin Corrigan (he was last on Episode 296 with Andrew Bujalski). The film also stars Filmwax Radio 'friend' Bob Byington. As of today, Valentine's Day, you can view "The Poet and the Professor" on Indiewire's website.

“The Poet and the Professor” is a dark comedic short about Ariel, an insecure writer tortured by her own desires. Ariel (Kavoussi) can’t seem to stop seeing 'The Poet,' an older, volatile cinematographer (Corrigan) who pursues his ‘art’ while taking full advantage of his rich girlfriend’s beautiful New York apartment. Ariel also can’t stop herself from loving her own professor (Byington), a depressed, married, struggling adjunct obsessed with postmodernism and addicted to pills. In this short film, Ariel must overcome a proclivity for dysfunctional affairs to find a healthier, more sustainable relationship.

Ariel Kavoussi is an artist, writer, filmmaker, and actress based in New York City. Her work has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art's Documentary Fortnight, Dia: Chelsea, Anthology Film Archives, Louis B. James, The Williams College Museum of Art, and elsewhere. Kevin Corrigan is an independent film icon. Some of the films he's appeared in include Martin Scorsese's "The Departed" and "Goodfellas", Tom DiCillo's "Living in Oblivion", Steve Buscemi's "Trees Lounge" and Andrew Bujalski's "Results". Kevin is also an experienced interviewer, writer, and bassist and has played in several New York City bands.

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