Ep 464: Kickstarter's Liz Cook Mowe & Elise McCave • Oscar Nominated Filmmakers Thomas Lennon & Laura Checkoway

Feb 26, 2018

[3 mins. 30 secs.] The Indies Meet the Oscars! In the first segment of this episode we sit with Kickstarter's Director of Documentary Film, Liz Cook Mowe, and Director of Narrative Film, Elise McCave to chat about the organization now going into its 9th year. We also discuss the Oscar nominated animated feature that fundraised on Kickstarter, "Loving Vincent", as well as two short documentaries that were both shortlisted: Jennifer Brea's "Unrest" and Esteban Bravo & Beth David's "In a Heartbeat". The interview was conducted in the screening room at Kickstarter's offices in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. If you are a filmmaker or programmer and interested in potentially using the screening room, please contact film@kickstrater.com to discuss further.

[30 mins. 19 secs.] Next up is returning filmmaker Laura Checkoway. Laura was last waxing on Episode 175 discussing her feature documentary, "Lucky". Laura's back with a new work called "Edith+Eddie" which has been nominated for an Oscar in the Best Short Documentary category. At the ages of 96 and 95, Edith and Eddie are America's oldest interracial newlyweds. All is well until a family feud threatens to disrupt the couple's happiness.

[56 mins. 30 secs.] Last up is another filmmaker with a nominated short documentary. This is Thomas Lennon's first time on the podcast and he is joined by one of the subjects of his film "Knife Skills", Brandon Chrostowski. "Knife Skills" follows the hectic launch of Edwins restaurant in Cleveland, improbably staffed by a group of recently incarcerated men and women. In this improbable setting, with its mouth-watering dishes and its arcane French vocabulary, we discover the challenges of men and women finding their way after their release.

The Oscars are to take place on the evening of Sunday, March 4th. Check your local listings for details.

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