Ep 447: Eric Schaeffer

Dec 01, 2017

[8 mins. 44 secs.] Episode 447's sole guest is the filmmaker Eric Schaeffer. Talking with Eric was a walk in the park... literally. We recorded this in the late Summer of 2017 in Riverside Park on the Upper West Side. We talked about everything under the sun including the earlier years when Eric sold "My Life's In Turnaround" which certainly turned around his life (he had been a taxi cab driver up until that point), and his ups and downs since then. Eric has been consistently generating work as a director, writer and actor through all available mediums including film ("When Lucy Fell", "Boy Meets Girl"), TV ("Gravity", "I Can't Believe I'm Still Single") and the internet ("Eric Schaeffer: Life Coach"). Talking with him was a complete pleasure.

If you want to find Eric's body of work on Amazon Video: "My Life's in Turn Around"; "Mind the Gap"; "After Fall, Winter"; "Fall"; "Boy Meets Girl"; "If Lucy Fell"; and "Wirey Spindell". On iTunes: "Boy Meets Girl"; "If Lucy Fell"; and "After Fall, Winter". "Eric Schaeffer: Life Coach" and "I Can't Believe I'm Still Single" are on Hulu.

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