Ep 443: Sheila Nevins

Nov 17, 2017

[5 mins. 55 secs.] The president of HBO Documentary Films, Sheila Nevins, is the sole guest on Episode 443 of the podcast. Sheila, who has been at the esteemed network for some 35 years, is now the author of a book called You Don't Look Your Age... and Other Fairy Tales (Flatiron Books, 2017). The book is not only available as conventional physical media but also as in audio format either by download or on CD. There is a host of celebrity names —almost all friends of the author— reading the various chapters including Gloria Vanderbilt, Lena Dunham, Alan Alda & Audra McDonald, to name just a few.

In this episode Sheila and I discuss writing the book, some small controversies that have surrounded it, her time at HBO, but perhaps most importantly of all, about her life and growing up. And for 90 minutes (edited down from our 3 hour plus conversation), you will get a sense of what this woman is like: funny, at times insecure, always intelligent & down-to-earth.

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