Ep 424: Bette Gordon

Sep 02, 2017

[9 mins. 4 secs.] The filmmaker Bette Gordon ("Variety", "Handsome Harry") is the sole guest on this episode. Bette's latest film, "The Drowning", debuts on Netflix on Friday, September 1. The film stars Josh Charles as a psychologist whose testimony once sent a boy to prison for murder. Now free, the young man re-enters the doctor's life. The film also stars Julia Stiles, Avant-Garde Jogia, and Filmwax Radio friend Leo Fitzpatrick. During my conversation with Gordon, we discuss her long career starting during the No Wave vanguard of the East Village 80's right up to present time, as a filmmaker & Mom living in a lovely Tribeca loft.

This episode of the podcast is sponsored by the Vermont College of Fine Arts film program. Visit vcfa.edu/film for further details.

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