Ep 413: Bob Hawk

Jun 22, 2017

[8 mins. 3 secs.] Indie film champion Bob Hawk sits for a lengthy conversation about his life and his career on Episode 413 of the podcast. Among his many producing credits are Kimberly Reed's "Prodigal Sons", Dayna Goldfine & Daniel Geller's "Ballets Russes", David Munro's "Full Grown Men", Jim Fall's "Trick", Alex & Andrew Smith's "The Slaughter Rule" and Kevin Smith's "Chasing Amy". He has also consulted & advised on many film sets including Rob Epstein's Oscar-winning "The Times of Harvey Milk", Nathaniel Kahn's "My Architect", and Kevin Smith's "Red State" and "Dogma". A documentary was recently made about Bob called Film Hawk and it is currently available for streaming on the Tribeca Shortlist.

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