Ep 377: Su Friedrich Returns & Mono No Aware Turns 10

Nov 12, 2016

[11 mins. 25 secs.] Documentary filmmaker Su Friedrich discusses hew new film "I Can Not Tell You How I Feel" which screens at BAM on November 17th. Su Friedrich takes up the camera in a new chapter of her quest to film the battleground of family life. Her mother Lore—who played the lead in The Ties That Bind (1984), a film about her experiences growing up in Germany during the Second World War—plays the lead again, this time kicking and protesting against being moved at the age of 94 from her home in Chicago.

[44 mins. 45 secs.] Then Steve Cossman, founder & Executive Director of Mono No Aware, a Brooklyn-based cinema arts non-profit currently amidst its 10th annual Cinema Arts Festival.

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Leonard Cohen.

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