Ep 305: Kimberly Levin & Neal Huff • Brigid Maher • Primo, John Diaz & Keith Miller

Jul 22, 2015

[10 mins. 15 secs.] "Runoff" director Kimberly Levin with her lead actor Neal Huff. When a corporate competitor threatens their livelihood, a desperate and determined woman (Joanne Kelly) goes to great lengths to save the family farm.

[43 mins. 32 secs.] Brigid Maher who has a new documentary feature called "The Mama Sherpas". Doctors, patients and nurse-midwives provide a glimpse into how midwives function within the hospital system.

[1 hr. 5 mins. 33 secs.] The team behind the new film "Five Star", director Keith Miller & cast members James 'Primo' Grant & John Diaz. A longtime gang member (Primo) shows a fast-taking teen (Diaz) how to operate on the mean streets of Brooklyn, N.Y.

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