Ep 296: Andrew Bujalski & Kevin Corrigan

May 28, 2015

[6 mins. 15 secs.] In this Fandor sponsored episode of the podcast I am joined by filmmaker Andrew Bujalski and actor Kevin Corrigan. Andrew is back with a new comedy, "Results" is about a wealthy, but miserable, slob (Corrigan) who tries to improve his life and soon becomes inextricably entangled with a self-styled guru/gym owner (Guy Pearce) and acerbic personal trainer (Colbie Smulders). "Results" opens in theaters, on VOD and on iTunes on Friday, May 29th. Additionally, two of Andrew's earlier films, "Beeswax" and "Computer Chess", are available for streaming at Fandor right now.

Photo courtesy of Magnolia Pictures. Photo credit Ryan Green.

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