Ep 293: Lucia Small Returns • Hampton's David Nugent

May 13, 2015

[8 mins. 28 secs.] Lucia Small back since her visit on Episode 241, to discuss her latest collaboration with her friend and filmmaking partner, Ed Pincus, who recently died. The film about their friendship and collaborations is called One Cut, One Life, and it opens Wednesday, Mary 13th at the IFC Center in New York City, then in Boston at the Coolidge Corner Theater on Friday, May 15th. The film, distributed by First Run Features —which is sponsoring this segment— explores Lucia's and Ed's complicated relationship as filmmakers and friends. Since Ed was dying during the making and editing of the film, death and mortality are inevitable subjects as well.

[47 mins. 7 secs.] David Nugent, Artistic Director of the Hamptons International Film Festival (10/8 — 10/12) discusses the festival and a number of its other programs and initiatives. Submission deadlines: June 1st the late deadline and June 15th is the Without a Box extended deadline.

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