Ep 279: The Brothers Zellner • Nick Broomfield Part 1 • Eugène Green

Mar 18, 2015

[3 mins.] Guests include the Zellner Brothers, David & Nathan, with their new "Kumiko The Treasure Hunter" which opens at the IFC Center in NYC Wednesday, March 18th then wider beginning Friday, March 2oth. Frustrated with her mundane life, a Tokyo office worker (Rinko Kikuchi) becomes obsessed with the Coen Brothers' movie "Fargo" which she mistakes for a documentary. Fixating on a scene where stolen cash is buried in North Dakota, she travels to America to find it. The film is being distributed by Amplify.

[29 mins. 34 secs.] Nick Broomfield discusses his catalog of older films including "Kurt & Courtney", "Biggie & Tupac", "Battle for Haditha", and "Heidi Fleiss: Hollywood Madame" among others that are currently streaming on Fandor.

[57 mins. 35 secs.] Eugène Green discusses his new film "La Sapienza" which begins a theatrical run in New York City beginning Friday, March 20th. The film is being distributed by Kino Lorber.

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