Ep 271: Charles Busch • Sam Knowles • George Manatos, Cris Lankeneau & Alexandra Clayton

Feb 05, 2015

[10 mins. 50 secs.] Filmwax Radio is proud to celebrate Black History Month in this Reel Works sponsored episode of the podcast. Guests include filmmaker Sam Knowles whose short documentary, Why Do You Have Black Dolls? is the featured film at this Friday's Reel Works movie club screening. Details for the screening may be found on Reel Works' website and Facebook page.

[22 mins. 35 secs.] Actor, playwright, and film historian Charles Busch is up next. Charles and his business partner, Carl Andress, have written a show called Here's to the Girls! Hollywood's Leading Ladies which is part of the 92nd Street Y's long time series, Lyrics & Lyricists. The show will feature stories and songs about the legendary women of Hollywood’s movie musicals from 1930 to 1960. Each studio had its own style and stars to match: MacDonald, Garland, Powell (Eleanor and Jane), Keeler, Rogers and Grable. Whether an MGM glamour girl or a Warner Bros. gold digger, these musical legends were made to be adored—and still are. Charles will host and there will be a special guest appearance by TMC: Turner Movie Channel host Robert Osbourne. The show will run from Saturday through Monday. For details check the 92Y website.

[42 mins.] Last up is the team behind the new indie film, "Red Right Return", including director George Manatos (Benny to Benny), and actors Alexandra Clayton (I Think It's Raining) and Cris Lankeneau (Cold Weather). The film tells the story of two estranged brothers (Lankeneau and Leo Fitzpatrick) who travel to their family vacation home for a weekend alone. At pivotal junctures in their lives, they hope to recapture a once cherished bond.

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