Ep 249: Volker Schlöndorff • Zachary Wigon & Kate Lyn Sheil • Gregory Kohn

Oct 23, 2014

[4 mins. 45 secs.] A brief chat with Filmwax Radio friend filmmaker Gregory Kohn ("Northeast") who currently has a Kickstarter campaign going for his latest project "Come Down, Molly" starring Eléanor Hendricks, Kentucker Audley & Lindsay Burdge. Consider kicking in some moolah. The campaign ends on November 7th.

[12 mins. 40 secs.] Director Volker Schlöndorff ("The Tin Drum") discusses his new film, "Diplomacy", which stars Niels Arestrup ("The Prophet") and André Dussollier ("Wild Grass"). The film takes place over the course of an evening. At the end of WWII, during the Liberation of Paris, Adolf Hitler decides to erase the most famous constructions of Paris while the city is still under control of his Wehrmacht.  This all is overseen by German general Dietrich von Choltitz (Arestrup) who has his headquarters at the Hotel Meurice. On August 24, 1944 the general is supposed to give the order to go through with everything as planned. But before he does, the Swedish diplomat Raoul Nordling (Dussollier) sneaks through a secret passageway into the German general's office and confronts him. His aim is to stall him until the Allies save Paris or even to convince the old soldier to disobey. The film is currently screening at Film Forum in NYC, and will be screening in LA.

[39 mins. 3 secs.] "The Heart Machine" filmmaker Zachary Wigon and lead actress Kate Lyn Sheil appear next. Their film opens at Cinema Village on Friday, October 24th. Check the website for tickets and appearances this weekend. Tracking two parallel journeys that show how digital media complicates modern love, THE HEART MACHINE explores the evolving relationship between physical and emotional intimacy, isolation in the urban hive, and the seduction of hiding behind a screen. The film's cast also includes John Gallagher, Jr. and Filmwax friends David Call ("Northeast") and Evan Louison ("Red Legs").

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