Ep 205: David Gordon Green Returns • Karl Jacob & Arin Crumley

Apr 11, 2014

[8 mins.] Filmmaker David Gordon Green ("Prince Avalanche") returns to the podcast. David was on last year and is back to talk about his latest film, "Joe", starring Nicolas Cage and Tye Sheridan ("Mud"). Adapted from one of the late novelist Larry Brown's gritty novels, Joe is about the relationships between a volatile but sensitive man (Cage) who hires the teenage son (Sheridan) of an abusive alcoholic father, on to his tree-poisoning crew. The film has many moments of humor and quirkiness that we've come to expect in a Green story but is essentially a character study. The cast is rounded out by Gary Poulter (who died shortly after the film was finished) and Ronnie Gene Blevins. The movie opens today in theaters, on demand and on iTunes.

[37 mins. 50 secs.] On Episode 194 I interviewed filmmaker and actor Karl Jacob about his latest film, "Pollywogs". In Part 2 of that conversation, Karl is joined by filmmaker Arin Crumley ("Four-Eyed Monster") for another in a series of conversations between two filmmakers. [Past pairings in the series have included Bryan Wizemann & Andrew Semans and Jonathan Lisecki & Stacie Passon.]

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