Ep 198: Valeria Golino & Jasmine Trinca • Robert May • Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective

Mar 05, 2014

[6 mins. 10 secs.] The new Italian film "Honey" ("Miele") is the focus of the first segment. Filmmaker Valeria Golina & actress Jasmine Trinca are the guests. A woman (Trinca) who secretly helps terminally ill patients end their lives meets an old man (Carlo Cecchi) who wants to die because he's sick of life.

[29 mins. 45 secs.] Then filmmaker Robert May & his new documentary "Kids For Cash" which chronicles the case of a once-respected judge who received kickbacks for sending juvenile offenders to prison, even for minor crimes.

[52 mins. 53 secs.] Lastly, Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective members Keith Miller, Iva Radivojevic & Alex Mallis.

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