Ep 194: Karl Jacob

Feb 14, 2014

"Pollywogs" director Karl Jacob is the guest. Well, fellow filmmaker Arin Crumley chimes in here and there, but there will be a follow up Part 2 with Arin. "Pollywogs" may currently be viewed on many digital platforms including iTunes, Amazon Instant, Vudu, Google Play, Xbox, and others. The film which had its premiere at the L. A. Film Festival stars Karl Jacob, Kate Lyn Sheil, Jennifer Prediger, Larry Mitchell and Karl's Family.

Synopsis: On the heels of a bitter breakup, Dylan travels home to Minnesota for a family reunion. There, he runs into his childhood sweetheart, Sarah, who was relocated to a religious compound when they were young. In the very place he discovered love for the first time, Dylan confronts the fantasies of his youth and realizes that the past may hold the key for what lies ahead.

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