Ep 173: John Sayles & Yolonda Ross • Terence Nance

Nov 06, 2013

Legendary director John Salyes ("The Brother From Another Planet", "Lonestar") is the guest. He's joined by one of his latest film's leading actresses, Yolonda Ross ("Antwone Fisher"). The film is called "Go For Sisters", is being distributed by Variance Films, and opens on Friday, November 8th. The film about the friendship between two women whose lives have taken very different directions but who come back together over a dramatic incident, also stars Lisa Gay Hamilton and Edward James Olmos.

Terence Nance returns to Filmwax Radio in the second segment. Terence's film, "An Oversimplification of Her Beauty", which was a film festival hit this past year, has just premiered on the on-demand cinephile website, Fandor. DVD's have also become available for purchase thanks to The Cinema Guild.

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