Ep 153: Eliza Hittman • Rachel Grady

Jul 24, 2013

[8 mins. 10 secs.] In this episode of Filmwax Radio, I'm joined by the director of the indie film, "It Felt Like Love", Eliza Hittman. Lila, a lonely teen from Gravesend, Brooklyn, fabricates a story about dating Sammy —a thug— and becomes fixated on it happening. In a predatory way, she pursues a sexual encounter with Sammy, but she becomes the prey. Joining Eliza are two of her young leading ladies, Gina Piersanti (who play Lila) and Giovanna Salimeni.

[35 mins. 46 secs.] In the second segment I speak with half the filmmaking team at Loki Films, Rachel Grady. Last year she and Heidi Ewing released their documentary, "Detropia", about the shape of urban America using the city of Detroit as their focus. Detroit filed for bankruptcy last Thursday and Grady helps shed some light on the matter. She also brings us up to date on new projects they're working on.

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