Ep 138: Dan Nuxoll & Mark Elijah Rosenberg • Reuben Atlas & Gabriel Hubert

May 01, 2013

[6 mins. 35 secs.] In this episode's first segment, Rooftop Films founders Mark Eijah Rosenberg and Dan Nuxoll discuss the 2013 season of the festival. This the pair's second appearance on the podcast. Though that original episode was never broadcast due to technical difficulties, both Dan and Mark have appeared on Filmwax Radio on separate occasions. This time the two discuss the history of the film festival as well a number of upcoming events coming up this summer.

[38 mins. 3 secs.] In the second segment, first time feature filmmaker, Reuben Atlas, appears. Atlas has made the documentary, "Brothers Hypnotic", with one of the Brothers, Gabriel "Hudah" Hubert. The free Rooftop screening, which includes a live performance by the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, will take place on Friday, May 17th. Details on Rooftop's website.

Music from this episode: 2 of the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble's songs, "Sankofa" and "Ballicki Bone".

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