Filmwax Radio Episode 1

Filmwax Radio is happening, friends.  The folks at BBox Radio are just days away from hosting podcasts but in the meantime, here’s a sneak “peak” at my first episode.  After a short intro and description of the show, I launch into an interview with “Strongman” director, Zachary Levy.  “Strongman” screened at The Filmwax FIlm Series just a few days after we recorded this interview.  Unfortunately BBox didn’t have their live stream going as they do now.  Here is the first show in its completion, broken into three bite sized portions.  [Actually they are large bites, so give them some time to load up.]

Filmwax Radio Episode 1 (part 1)
Filmwax Radio Episode 1 (part 2)
Filmwax Radio Episode 1 (part 3)

Oh, yeah, and I almost forgot:  here’s the Kickstarter campaign they have going.  I’m in there too.  Check it out below.