Two in the Wave

I went to the Film Forum yesterday after a previous screening and watched the new Emmanuel Laurent documentary, “Two In The Wave”, about the friendship and its eventual dissolution, of Jean-Luc Godard and Francoise Truffaut. Most interesting to me was the relationship actor Jean-Pierre Leaud had with the two filmmakers. He was best known for the recurring character, Antoine Doinel, in 5 Truffaut films. Leaud also starred in a number of Godard’s films as well. He was effortlessly acting between the two pillars of the French New Wave and when the two directors fell out years later over philosophical differences, Leaud’s career never quite recovered. “Two in the Wave” is terrific, an appropriate prelude to the forthcoming revival of “Breathless”.  “Breathless”, Godard’s break out film is having its 50th anniversary this year and the Film Forum has a gorgeous new print which they will start showing starting this coming Friday. Can’t wait to see it, having never seen this iconic film on the large screen.

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